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you’re what keeps me believing this world’s not long dead

Oh Say Anything. Oh old blog posts that I’ve been reading. Oh Sarah. Oh my baby sister sitting next to me. Oh memoir writing for English class. It has me thinking. [Sidenote: Having an assignment in school involve the soundtrack to your life excites me.]

I’ve started back to school. I now know barely anyone in my graduating class. I don’t mind this. In a sense, I have a fresh start. Seeing everyone is good. As well, I don’t care about walking with people, or not being alone, or being liked.

I know who my real friends are now. That’s a good thing.

I’d type more but Samantha needs the computer and I am being called away by my phone, as usual.

Strength in my bones and the words in my head. They pour out to paper. It’s all for you. Cause that’s what you do…


give us life again

I feel like I’ve been erased in all ways from it. I can only force myself somewhere I don’t truly belong for so long. But we all know how I feel about going after something you love. I’ve always felt if you have a passion for something you should pursue it relentlessly.

So, when do you know where to quit? Where’s the line between giving up/in and being sensible?

I’m guessing I passed it somewhere back at 7 years old, but I swear this isn’t over…

I won’t give in until I’m dead. I made that promise, and I never go back on my word.

I’ll take the truth at any cost.

white light?!

Peace Frog – The Doors

1: That is a fun-tastic song and if you read this without listening to it, I am going to be one upset little Sarah [I mean Peace Frog by The Doors by the way, just in case I decide to add more music later to this post].

2: The rest of the blog post is 2.

So I’m speeding, which makes me want to talk anyways. Then I talked to Jason which makes me want to blog [when I talk to him for extended periods of time, like 4 hours -.-]. But then I got on my blog which made me want to post pictures so I shall post a few¬†interspersed¬†with me ranting and writing… MAYBE.

Actually, no. I was thinking about posting pictures of Elisa and I BUT I can has company.

you know…

I could have that normal life. I could have a full time job and stay in school and have everything be peaches. On the other hand, I could do that for a little while, until I’m old enough to legally get into trouble and wind up washed up in some filthy underground scene riddled with drugs and prostitution and people doing crazy, illegal, reckless things.

I know which choice is smarter, wiser, obviously better.

But at the same time that’s hardly going to quench my blood lust. Maybe blood lust isn’t the right word… I’m not entirely sure what it is…

I need to feel alive.