the immature ranty post

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. I hate you. You are acting like a miserable fucking cunt. I cannot believe that after everything and all that “I’m so proud of you” bullshit you would get THIS mad at me and tell me I can’t admit when I make a mistake after YOU cancelled my plans with my sister. I may have made plans to see Twilight with Carrie last night but I TOLD you I would still go with Amy and you told me I wasn’t allowed. And that was fine then cause she was gonna find someone else to go with her. So I made other plans. But today when she can’t find someone else it’s all my fault and I blew her off even though I said yesterday I’d still go and said today I’d cancel my plans and go with her.


And yes, ranting like this is very immature. But it’s also the reason I’m typing it and not saying any of it to you. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.

I haven’t been this mad at someone for almost a full month. Last time I was this pissed ties were permanently severed so I guess it’s a good thing you’re my mom.

You’re also lucky the car is still parked outside and I can control my actions. Some of us can keep our tempers under control though to those things and situations they don’t pertain to. I’m not gonna take off just because I’m pissed but I’m not talking to you either until I get an apology unless I have to. Will I probably retract that decision? Yes. Is it immature? Yes. Am I going to talk to you anymore today? Probably not.

Fucking bitch… I’m so mad right now…


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