oh shit! we’re still in maryland aren’t we?

Justin, aka my adopted brother, picked me up at 10:30 pm and returned me home at 3:30 am. What did we fill those 5 hours with? I’ll tell you…

We drove to Sheetz for water [Justin likes to be amusing and so he bought us evians] then got high. We drove into Holly and out route 94 [I think?] south and onwards and onwards….

Long stories short we went to Maryland and through into Virginia then back up to DC and back home. Only stops we made? A 7-11 in Thurmont and a Sheetz on the way back near the Mason-Dixon line. Then again at Sheetz on the pike in Carlisle before I got dropped off.

We talked a lot and came to a lot of amazing realizations. We also decided we rock. And such. And being alive is amazing. Mostly for us because we’re both good people who find beauty in strange and small things. And cause we can sit in his little BMW and drive to Virginia in the middle of the night for no reason singing along to Michelle Branch and Phish and Better Than Ezra and ridiculous shit.

Justin is my best friend without a doubt. I’ve known him for twelve years. We’ve never liked each other and we’re closer to each other than probably anyone else. Period. It’s pretty cool.

When we hit Pennsylvania we stopped in the middle of the highway since there was no traffic to take a picture of the sign. It was fun. Then right after we got off onto the two lane part of 94 16 or so miles outside of Carlisle Justin turns to me and says “you feel like driving?”

The answer was no. I was high. But he’d been driving for hours and obviously didn’t feel like driving so I drove Leopold [that’s the little 130i BMW’s name] into Holly and down that stupid road into Boiling Springs except we turned down Zion Road or what the shit ever and then onto Petersburg and across and up and to Claremont and Harmony Hall and to Sheetz blah blah blah.

We switched drivers again when Justin got gas and then we went through the car wash. TRI-COLOR FOAM IS AMAZING!

So now here I sit. I have to put some finishing touches on my room. Then I shall paint. Then I shall drive somewhere [maybe]. Need a shower too…

I can’t believe it’s the last two days of break. I’ve gotten no work done and I’m so not done having an amazing time. I’ve loved this break. To death. The whole thing, basically, has been one great thing. I’ve had awesome times with amazing people and I got my room cleaned finally.

Life has been on the upswing ever since I decided to go back to school and started trying to be a more responsible person. It’s truly paid off. Things just keep getting better. I keep waiting for that trent to end and life to be mediocre or bad, but it hasn’t. Sure I have the occasional bad day/experience but who doesn’t?

I know I’m finally living life right and I feel amazing. Always. I’ve never been this happy in my entire life. And for what reason? Because I’m me and I’m alive. That’s it. I’m just always happy. Fucking A man…

I kinda feel bad for the rest of humanity because I know most of them will never know this true simple happiness. They’ll just know bitterness working for survival and sure some good times, but they’ll mostly be worriers and fretters and stressed out.

I wish I could share this feeling with the world. Forever.


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