“That’s why it’s time for New Year’s Eve and getting trashed in good company and passing out on the floor at some obscene hour with the sun already strolling across the 2009 sky.”

Well New Year’s Eve wasn’t quite that, but I think I like the way it went better anyways. That whole not drinking thing I was talking about on Christmas? Well that went out the door the next night [score] and found me in the company of some fabulous Newville kids who are fun to party with. [Not to mention running down hills, being out in the middle of the night barefoot in a t-shirt and holey jeans and passing out and nonsense…] So that was a good night.

The following week was a haze of events. Little Carrie came in and stayed with me. The next day we went to the mall with Megan, Jesse and Dylan. Megan needed an oil change, Sears sucks… The result? Being stranded at the mall for hours and everyone being tired and cranky. [Or maybe just me? I was tired and cranky so to me so was everyone else…]

Got a little sleep. Saw Dylan the next day and did… Well nothing really. Much at least. We went up to some rocks and blah blah everyone else would find it boring and frankly the whole “aw we watched the sunset on a mountain” thing is too girly for me to bring myself to write about. It was cold, but it was pretty. And fun.

Then Chelsea came over to stay the night for her 18th birthday, as it was that day. We went out for Chinese food, then to the mall, then I got her to drive on the highway for the first time and we went to Centralia [almost]. [Sidenote: I really need to get there…]

Slept for a whopping 3 hours that night [/facepalm]. Took my car to the shop in the morning. Blah. Got to get the Buick back though, which sort of made life. 😀

Didn’t party on New Year’s Eve [we covered this] but I did get my girly way and got to be with boy thing. We got to drink too [champagne shouldn’t be as for the win as it is] and watch cool movies and all that nonsense. Then the next day, we went to Mordor and found some fun ice and the realization was made that there doesn’t need to be horse and buggy parking at Blockbuster because AMISH PEOPLE DON’T WATCH MOVIES OR PLAY VIDEO GAMES! /facepalm. Then more rocks and the pretty stuff and what not.

Then I got home, and chilled, then went to hang out with Dara. We watched three movies. [The last one, Old Boy, was amazing.] Then we called up Justin, and broke out the Jack. Ended up getting party mix, pizza, cheesecake, Jesse, herb, and more drinky drink. The night wasn’t as wild as it could’ve been but we put the book of Mormon to new and good use. [Including watching Justin eat it. -.-]

2009 so far has had one great day and one painfully boring day. Never the less, the whole break has been spectacular and I’m looking forward to this year.

[It’s hard to be emotional, deep or enthusiastic right now. Somehow, I’m still tired, and I’m kind of bored, and I kind of want to just eat junk food and watch TV… But not.]

BLAH. And I gave Dylan a nosebleed. I think that’s a great note to end on. 😀


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