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kissing the lipless

Self righteous self sacrifice scares some people. Everyone’s got a loud enough mouth when there are no consequences but perhaps true merit of character is shown when there ARE serious reactions for the action of speaking out.

Anyone can give any topic some good lip service and talk smack like they’re gonna do shit. If you’re gonna talk, I say back it up. And I don’t mean if you’re gonna insult someone blahblah petty teenage bullshit. I mean if you feel strongly or passionately about something don’t let anyone insult or beat that down. Stand up for your convictions if you have to. Stop being such cowards.

I might get a black eye today defending my mom. Maybe nothing. Who knows? All I know is that my alcoholic depressed father’s been a belligerent idiot all day and making my mom cry when she’s done nothing [and if you know me you know my mom pisses me off a lot and deserves the truth and yelled at sometimes but none of these]. I’ve gotten threats. Apparently legally being an adult means he can raise a hand to me again.

Well let him. I’m not afraid of his threats. His insults and comparing me to my perfect sisters doesn’t really bother me too much anymore. Okay so that’s not true. At all [says the girl who starts crying and realizes it DOES bother her…]. But I’m not afraid of HIM. He doesn’t scare me and I’ll be damned if anyone’s ever gonna intimidate me into not standing up for what I believe in and for the people I love. Maybe I’m brave or maybe I’m just a fool. But I’m a passionate little whatever I am and I’m not backing down.